In November 2023, we are embarking on a journey to find JOY!  

Attached you will find the 30-day guide to Finding Joy in the Journey, created by Pastor Paul.  In this devotional series, you’ll need two books to come alongside the devotion.  Both of these can be purchased on Amazon (their links are below).  We also have 25 copies of both books that we will offer for $10 each. 

(1) Joyful Journey:  Listening to Immanuel by E. James Wilder III (link)

(2) The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People: 15 Minute Brain Science Hacks to a More Connected and Satisfying Life by Marcus Warner (link)

As we carry out this plan to immerse in God’s Word regularly, we do so expecting to meet God through the experience. A person may read the bible with different intentions, among them:

  • Educational (to learn about God and His ways)
  • Emotional (for strength, comfort, support)
  • Guidance-driven (seeking direction, advice)
  • Experiential (to encounter God through His Word)

So what is our primary purpose in for immersing in God’s Word?    Our chief goal with God’s Word is to bring about an encounter with the Living God, known as the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ – our Father in Heaven – Abba. We know God uses such encounters to create, sustain, or grow faith in His people and complete work He aims it to do in and through us. 

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